2 Pack 60# Pike Fluorocarbon Leaders


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2 Pack 60# Test 10″ Fluorocarbon Leaders. These leaders come standard with our 100# Stealth Tackle Ball Bearing Swivels and #3 Stringease Stay Lok Snaps. These leaders are specifically for Northern Pike fishing with smaller baits like bucktails, small rubber or plastics as well as crank and twitchbaits. These leaders are knotted only to reduce weight that might restrict the action on some smaller lures.

***Please keep in mind when using Fluorocarbon Leaders that the lower pound test you use, the higher your risk can be for getting bit off***

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Standard #3 Stay Lok, #4 Stay Lok, #4.5 Stay Lok, #5 Stay Lok, #4 Solid Ring, #4 Fastach


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