Stay-Lok Snap Is Outstanding, But Must Be Used Correctly

MHM Feb/Mar 2020 (Page 24) The Stay-Lok snap is arguably the best snap on the market for musky fishermen, but the No. 1 reason why people do not use these snaps is they simply have trouble opening and closing them. I have seen this issue constantly at sports shows, visiting clubs, and talking with customers. If you are one of the many people struggling with Stay-Lok snaps, trust me when I tell you that you are not alone. In this column, we are providing diagrams and step-by-step pointers to help you out. Maybe they will convince you to give Stay-Lok snaps another try. Photo 1. Hold the snap in your left hand between your thumb and index finger. Make sure the hook part of the snap (or clasp) is facing up and the loop is on the bottom. Place your thumb against the front bottom of the circle. Photo 2. Gently squeeze the snap with your right thumb on the bottom and your right index finger against the top of the snap. While you push upward on the snap, at the same time use your left thumb to push the circle away from your body. Photo 3. As you push the hook upward and off the wire, keep pressure against the circle with your left thumb allowing the hook end of the snap to lower out of the circle portion of the snap. Now your snap is open. Photo 4. Now, to close the snap, you need to basically follow the same instructions, only backward. The key is to remember that as you push that clasp back upward it must go through the circle first. To do this with ease, keep pressure on that circle, pushing it away from you so that as the hook goes through the circle it will easily drop back over the snap to complete the closure of the snap. Once the snap is closed, make sure the clasp is all the way clear of the circle and over the top wire of the snap. One of the biggest mistakes people make is not going far enough and hanging the hasp on the outside of the circle (Photo 5). You will eventually lose a fish or an expensive lure by closing the snap incorrectly. It is wise to spend some time practicing opening and closing these snaps before going fishing. By spending some time learning to use Stay-Lok snaps correctly (maybe while sitting on the couch watching a ballgame), you’ll save valuable time not trying to figure it out on the water and getting frustrated. With a little practice you will have these snaps mastered and will be changing out baits without even thinking about it. Finally, as with any snap, change them often to lower the odds of snap failure.

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