One Eyed Willy Jr. Topwater


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7 inch Model, Aprox 4.5 Oz. Made of Hardwood, with 5/0 Mustad 3551 Hooks and Stealth Tackle HD Stainless Split Rings.

The One Eyed Willy’s are a hardwood “Walk the Dog” Style Topwater Lure, designed to push a maximum amount of water while staying low in the water to improve your hookup percentages.

The Willy Jr. is a shorter version of the Regular sized Willy,  that will still move plenty of water just doing it with a smaller profile. Has great side to side action and can be worked a bit faster and more erratic than its big brother to entice the big ones to eat.

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Standard Colors

Black Glitter, Black-Chartreuse, Black-Orange, Firetiger, Blk-Gold-Wht, White-Silver Scale


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